Illustration / Design / Direction


Robert Høyem is an illustrator and graphic designer from Norway.


Robert Høyem

I am a partner and the co-founder of the norwegian design studio Overhaus. This website showcases some personal projects, and some of my illustration work over the last couple of years.

A keen interest in music led me into the reals of webdesign and illustration, while filters in photoshop were the big thing, and css was still a distant myth. Over the years I’ve specialized in making record covers and profiles for bands, in between studying both fine arts and visual communication. Day to day, I work mainly with creating visual branding for the music business and for companies alike. Being it working with typography, colors, or ink.

In my downtime, I mostly spend my time bouldering, or working on some personal projects, like my indie brand Lowbrow Apparel where everything and anything goes.

Born in 1986. 192 cm of height.

Phone: +47 970 411 35

Photo by our collaborator Øystein Grutle Haara.